Anicolor - Aluminium Systems has for mission to develop, produce and commercialize aluminium systems for architecture and also aluminium profiles for most industrial purposes.

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Aveiro district, Anicolor is currently a leading company in the area of conception of aluminum systems, which is aimed first the customization of work in function on the specific needs of its clients and their full satisfaction, having as a target market companies of aluminium frames.

Anicolor has eleven branches strategically distributed all over Portugal and, in Spain, a branch and several representatives, exerting a strong position at the market, supplanted by a strong logistics distribution and a sales team always available, increasing this way the readiness in the various daily requests.

In conjunction with its strategic business partners, Architects, Designers, Civil Constructors, Aluminium Carpentries or other intervenients, Anicolor has been imposing in the national market their systems, which have been distinguished by the competent authorities, with the highest performance ratings in terms of product certification. Our efforts in innovate and improve every day has been an essential tool to achieve our targets.

Having as philosophy the full management of the manufacturing process from the request and need of each client, Anicolor ensures the profiles extrusion, its measure cutting and the best surface treatments (Anodized, Lacquered or Wood Lacquering) to ensure a high coefficient of satisfaction.

Equipped with the highest technology, Anicolor features a large and flexible extrusion capacity.

It has one of the most modern lines of vertical lacquering of Europe, two horizontal lacquering lines, anodizing lines, lines of insertion and tightening of polyamide to form thermal break profiles and also what was the first "wood effect" lacquering line of the country.

Well knowledgeable about the responsibilities of years of experience, Anicolor has today certified all its product treatments.

The quality certificate for anodizing, Qualanod, and Qualicoat for lacquering, including the Seaside class, provide our customers products whose quality in surface treatment is certified.

Besides the aluminum systems incorporated into the Anicolor product portfolio of, the company has an office of research and development which aims the creation, conception and development of all product engineering underlying this sector.

This constant innovation capability allows the creation of advanced solutions adjusted to the reality and dimension of each project.

Anicolor, the difference marks the presence...