Founded in 1982 and with headquarters in Aveiro district, Anicolor's mission is to develop, produce and sell aluminium profiles for various industrial purposes and in any of its states, either in raw or in any surface treatment desired by the customer.

With the philosophy of integral management of the manufacturing process from the request and needs of each client, Anicolor ensures extrusion of profiles, it's cut to size and the best surface treatments (anodized, painted or lacquered wood) to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.


Quite aware of the responsibilities that years of existence confer, Anicolor is now a certified company and has also certified all its product treatments.

The quality certificates for anodizing - Qualanod - and lacquering - Qualicoat, including the Seaside class - guarantee our customers products with certified surface treatment quality.

Anicolor is also certified according to the NP EN ISO 9001 norm, under the "Extrusion, Surface Treatments, Cutting and Machining, Thermal Break Assembly and Aluminium Profiles Packing".

Technology and Innovation

Equipped with the best technology, Anicolor features a large and flexible extrusion capacity.

It has one of the most modern lines of vertical lacquering of Europe, lacquering horizontal lines, anodizing lines, lines of insertion and tightening of polyamide to form thermal break profiles and also what was the first "wood effect" lacquering line of the country.

Anicolor has a research and development department, R&D, which aim, in partnership with our strategic business partners, the creation, design and development of all the entire product engineering underlying the sectors in which we operate.

This ability to constantly innovate allows the creation of cutting-edge solutions adjusted to the reality and scale of each project.

Our drive to innovate and improve on a daily basis has been an indispensable tool for achieving our goals.

Territorial coverage

At a logistical level, we combine our ten strategically located branch offices in various districts of the country and an always available sales team, thereby causing the time factor in the ability to respond to the multiple requests be optimised to the fullest.


Anicolor is committed to reconciling economic and social development with the preservation of the environment and natural resources, contributing to sustainable development and operate in an environmentally responsible manner, minimizing the environmental impact of industrial processes.