Anicolor and Alukolux promote technical training conference

The cycle of technical training that has been carried out by Anicolor has made Seville one of its stops.

Several aluminum carpenters were present in the technical training that Anicolor, in collaboration with Alukolux, our official distributor for the province of Málaga, organized in that Andalusian city.

This training focused essentially on the latest innovations in the wide range of products developed by our I&D department, where the Kristal and Kristal Pivotante, AJi and AJi Hidden leaf, European channel and channel 16 and Hortus gate system stood out.

The wide influx of locksmiths to this training has demonstrated not only the practical usefulness of these actions, which touch on themes of great interest to the professionals of our sector, who thus have the possibility to deepen their knowledge in the transformation of our products, but also the growth we have been experiencing.