Anicolor in Batimat 2011

The 2011 edition of Batimat came without a doubt to confirm that this is the biggest construction fair in the world.

According to numbers of the organization, they had been present close to 2400 expositors of 55 countries and approximately 381,000 visitors of 172 countries.

Although to only be possible to evaluate the real results of the participation in the fair some months after its end, we consider from now that the participation of ANICOLOR in the contest was a success, given the affluence of visitors who had revealed interested in our products.

In ANICOLOR’s stand some of the main systems that the company commercializes were shown with special approach to the renewal profiles, that especially includes conceived profiles for the french market.

However, the biggest newness presented by ANICOLOR in Batimat 2011 was its new sliding door with thermal break of minimalis concept, with only 20mm of aluminum seen, who composes the KRISTAL system.

The KRISTAL represents a new concept of architecture where the aluminium seen is practically eliminated, being practically visible only glass.

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